Increase your office productivity with an easy to use document capture, share, edit and workflow solution that converts paper documents into editable formats. eCopy ShareScan adds real value to your Epson products by eliminating document bottlenecks that cost money and waste time.


Enhance your workflow with Kofax eCopy ShareScan

Companies do business in different ways, meaning they have unique needs. The eCopy ShareScan modular and scalable platform architecture gives you the freedom to build the right solution for your company. Select components à la carte or choose from an array of packaged solutions – all of which can be mixed and managed as one system.

Capture, share and edit documents anywhere

Increase your office productivity with an easy to use document capture, share, edit and workflow solution that converts paper documents into a variety of digital formats. Kofax eCopy ShareScan adds real value to your Epson products, saving your business time and money.

Convert paper documents into editable formats

Scan directly to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, saving valuable employee time re-entering information with metadata indexing of documents, allowing users to easily look up scanned files. eCopy ShareScan also supports scanning to PDF/A, an industry-standard format for the long-term archiving of electronic documents.

Secure scanning with ease

Improve document security by integrating with your company’s print management system, such as Equitrac, ensuring only authorised users have access to the eCopy ShareScan functions on an MFP via secure session log-on. eCopy ShareScan enhances security through the use of document audit trails, document rights, encryption, automatic redaction and many other features.

Customisable solutions for your business

Customise and build the right solution to meet your specific business needs with a modular and scalable platform architecture system. eCopy ShareScan enables you to select individual components to create one system or choose from an array of packaged solutions to grow your business.

Centralise your office workflow

Enhance your document capture workflows with an email and folder watching service to monitor network folders and email addresses. This allows your business to extend eCopy ShareScan to capture the workflow of electronic documents, files and images from virtually any source.

The expanding benefits of Epson

All Epson business scanner and Epson multifunction device models benefit from the added value of Kofax eCopy ShareScan software.

Unlock further benefits for your business with Epson Open Platform (EOP) devices. Easily share documents and benefit from lower running costs, reduced intervention and environmental impact, and higher reliability. eCopy Sharescan is embedded as an application into all EOP devices, however the WorkForce Enterprise benefits the most from eCopy thanks to its large screen, fast scanning speed and 150-page Automatic Document Feeder.

With Kofax embedded into your Epson Open Platform devices, you can benefit from:

How to get Kofax eCopy ShareScan

For more information on eCopy, please contact your Epson representative.

Compatible models

Epson Open Platform (EOP) makes our revolutionary multifunction printers (MFPs) fully flexible and customisable, enabling them to adapt to meet specific and changing customer requirements as business goals and enterprise IT systems evolve.

Equitrac Office/Express is compatible with our range of Open Platform devices, including WorkForce Enterprise. Contact your local sales representative for detailed compatibility information.

Get the best out of both with a single embedded application

A unified client allows users to seamlessly and simply access their print and capture workflows provided by Equitrac Office/Express and capture workflows provided by eCopy ShareScan, all from one single screen.

Staff can effortlessly move between both print and capture workflows – all within the same user session on the device. This delivers an enhanced user experience, helping to boost productivity.

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