Privacy Policy


1. Epson has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to protecting your privacy. Please read the following privacy policy carefully before using this Epson site ("site"). Using this site indicates that you give your consent to Epson for collecting and processing personal data in accordance with this privacy policy. If you do not accept this privacy policy, do not use this site. Seiko Epson corporation ("Epson") reserves the right to change, modify, add or delete any terms of this privacy policy from time to time at its sole discretion. If we decide to change the policy in a way that affects you, we will either post a notice on our website for 30 days or contact you directly. For small changes that do not affect you, you are required to periodically come back and review this site. Your use of this site will be subject to the most current version of Epson privacy policy at the time of such use.

2. Epson respects your privacy choices. If you give us personal information, we will treat it with care and according to this Privacy Policy.

3. We suggest that you practise reasonable discretion with any site when providing site operators/owners your personal information. It should also be noted that whenever you post personal information in publicly accessible places, such as chat rooms or message boards, this information becomes available to anyone with access to the Internet. Therefore, we recommend you not to post any information you do not want to be seen in these public areas. You should feel free to contact any site that requests personal information from you if you have any questions regarding its policies. Please refer to individual site contact details or visit to find your local Epson site.

4. How to Use Your Personal Information
If you choose to register with Epson on an Epson site you can be asked for personal information such as your name, address, age and e-mail address (collectively called: "Personal Information"). You may also provide other personal information, for example, your sex, job and phone number (collectively "Optional Information") at your sole discretion. You do not have to provide the Optional Information. However, if you do not do so, this may limit our ability to provide you with a specific service or offer you personalised content. You are required to correctly register Personal Information as of the date of registration. If your Personal Information changes after the registration, you are requested to immediately change/up-date your Personal Information. Neglecting to do so may result in failure to receive any service, notice or information from Epson. Please refer to the registration instructions for the Epson site you are visiting.

5. Epson may use your Personal Information and Optional Information (collectively "User Information") for the purpose of administering and/or improving this Site and as described in this Policy.

6. Please note that you may access and partially use Epson sites without providing your Personal Information and/or Optional Information but you may not be able to access certain parts of Epson sites, which require your Personal Information.

7. What does Epson do with the data it collects?
Whenever Epson collects data (Personal Information and/or Optional Information), it is intended to provide service -tailored to or improved for- the visitors to our site. From the data collected we can offer content, based on the user's preferences. We analyse what our users prefer in order to improve the service.

8. When you register for an Epson service, we collect your data (Personal Information and/or Optional Information) in order to provide you with specific services and to personalise your experience on the site. We may use information you have given us to target offerings by email or mail that may be of interest to you. In every such email or mail, we will also have instructions on how to unsubscribe and avoid receiving any future emails from us.

9. On occasion, we will send email or mail communications to provide you with information, which we think you will find useful, including information about new products and services from Epson . We might also contact you to see if you are interested in participating in market research regarding Epson. It is our policy to send email or mail only to customers who give us permission to do so. In every such email or mail, we will also have instructions on how to unsubscribe and avoid receiving any future emails from us.

10. We generally hold User Information until such time as you unsubscribe to our service or until the expiry of any period required by applicable law. You may ask us for details of the personal information relating to you that we hold and you may also ask us to rectify or delete this information. To contact Epson please refer to individual site contact details or visit to find your local Epson site.

11. With whom does Epson share data?
Epson will not disclose any of your data (personal information or optional personal information) to a third party without your consent, unless we believe, in good faith, that the law requires it or that the rights or property of Epson need to be protected.

12. What choices are available regarding collection, use and distribution of the information (Opt-In Policy)?
Epson sites provide you with the opportunity to "opt-in" to receive communications (email and mail) from us (or our partners), at the time we ask you for this information. In addition, whenever we contact you via email or mail, we will also provide instructions on how to unsubscribe so that you will not receive any future emails or mail from us if you choose.

13. As previously mentioned, you may choose to not provide us with any of the information we request, though this may limit our ability to provide you with a specific service or limit our ability to offer personalised content. For example, Epson's Email Registration Form requests your contact information (such as your email address), demographic information (such as your postcode and age), as well as information regarding your use of Epson products.

14. Cookies are pieces of information about a website user, stored on the users computer, ready to be accessed on future visits to the website. There are two types of cookies, session based cookies and persistent cookies. Session based cookies only reside in memory; this means, when you close your browser the cookie will be gone. Persistent cookies, on the other hand, remain on your computer.
Epson uses the information collected via session based cookies to improve content and usage of our websites. We only use persistent cookies on the BUYEpson websites in order to deliver appropriate content on future visits and to save you time. You can delete or block cookies via your browser. If you do not accept the use of cookies, you can close the website you are visiting.

15. You have the opportunity to completely unsubscribe from all of Epson 's services. If you unsubscribe, your information will be totally removed from our database. To contact Epson please refer to individual site contact details or visit to find your local Epson site.

16. Procedures designed to protect the loss, misuse or alteration of information under Epson 's control.
Epson has taken measures to ensure that information is accessible only to the user who has initially entered the information and to our authorised partners or us. These partners have agreed to abide by Epson 's privacy policy and by the data protection laws within the Europe.

17. In both situations, the information is accessible only after a password has been entered.

18. Links to other sites
Epson sites may contain links to other sites not affiliated with Epson . These sites have their own policies and practices with respect to online privacy, and Epson cannot be responsible for the privacy practices or the content of these unaffiliated Web sites. In addition, in certain instances, an Epson advertiser may ask you for personal information. Epson cannot be held responsible for the privacy practices of its advertisers. However, Epson encourages our partners and advertisers to adopt privacy policies that respect the local legal requirements.

19. Epson shall not be responsible for any loss or damage including contents, services, up-dated, change or any terms of use/privacy policy of such linked sites, however caused, in connection with your use of any linked site and your access to any of the linked site is at your own risk.

20. Security
Epson is committed to ensuring the security of your User Information and will not disclose your User Information to any (third) party except as described in this Privacy Policy; provided that Epson may disclose Personal Information and/or Optional Information to any (third) party:
(a) If Epson has your consent to share the information;
(b) if Epson is required to provide Personal Information and/or Optional Information according to applicable laws, court order or other legal procedures;
(c) if such disclosure of Personal Information and/or Optional Information is necessary to protect the right and property of Epson; or
(d) if such disclosure of Personal Information and/or Optional Information is necessary to provide appropriate services to Epson's end user customers including you.

21. To prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, Epson ensures the appropriate keeping of your Personal Information and/or Optional Information in a secured server that only authorised (third) parties can access.

22. Please read through any associated Terms of Use applicable to certain Epson sites as well.

23. Copyright © 2000-2003 (or 2003), Seiko Epson Corporation, all rights reserved.