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Epson Scan: Adjustment Modes


Epson Scan contains many adjustment features to improve and enhance scanned images.

The adjustment controls are split into two different sections.

  • The first are dedicated buttons which take the user into a sub menu to make fine adjustments.
  • The second set of adjustment options are tick box driven, which turns the options on and off.

Expand the section below for more infomation on each mode.


User Adjustments

The adjustment controls are as follows:

1:Auto Exposure

Auto exposure will apply automatic changes to the scanned image to ensure the best possible output. This means it will balance the brightness, contrast and colour.


The Histogram provides a graphical interface for adjusting highlight, shadow, and gamma levels individually.

The example below shows an image which has had the highlights increased.

3:Tone Correction

Tone correction provides a graphical interface for adjusting tone levels individually.

In the example below a high contrast tone curve has been applied to the image.

4:Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Colour balance

This set of controls offers a multitude of setting adjustments, for example the user may adjust the density of colors in the overall image, adjust the contrast of the image and adjusts the overall image brightness.

The image example below shows an increase in color saturation.

5:Color Palette

Color Palette provides a graphical interface for adjusting mid-tone levels, such as skin tones, without affecting the highlight and shadow areas of the image.

The example below shows a slight warming color applied to the image.

Tick Box Presets

Unsharp Mask

Turn on to make the edges of image areas clearer for an overall sharper image. Turn off to leave softer edges.

This setting is available only when the Image Type is set to Colour or Greyscale.

Grain Reduction

Turn on to remove grain from scanned image.

Color Restoration

Color Resoration optimises the scanned image by restoring faded colours. It automatically adjusts the image by rebalancing the colour channels, effectively removing the colour casts caused by dark storage, light exposure and age.

Backlight Correction

In some photographs there is too much background light in the picture, making the subject unclear and very dark.

With Backlight Correction it can automatically detect too much light and correct any shadows that may be in the photo to improve the quality.

Dust Removal

Dust Removal detects the dust particles on your negatives and photos and adjusts the colours of the photo removing the shadows that the dust has created.

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