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I want to print from postscript-heavy applications such as InDesign, Illustrator and Quark Xpress. Do I need a RIP or Postscript printer driver?


  • Postscript printing
  • CYMK printing
  • DTP, Proofing


Epson inkjet printers are RGB devices, designed to process and print RGB data from other RGB devices and applications.You will require a Postscript printer driver or 'RIP' in order to print CMYK data or have access to all printing features when using Postscript-heavy applications such as InDesign and QuarkXPress. Even printing basic files from such applications can result in print quality issues, so for documents that don't contain Postscript data we recommend printing from a standard office suite or word processing software.

If you're printing photos, why not try the photo printing software supplied with your printer or another photo processing application.

If you are trying to print CMYK data, an alternative is to convert the file(s) to a standard format - for photos we recommend a JPG or TIFF (RGB encoded) file which the printer will be able to print.

While it is possible to print non-Postscript data from a Postscript-heavy application, you may experience issues as the application may have limited print functionality, even determining a different paper feed path (such as a printer's roll paper path) which cannot be changed; this can result in an error message such as "media out/not loaded correctly", if you print with paper loaded in to the standard cut sheet path.

Software such as InDesign and QuarkXPress is not generally used for everyday general purpose or photo printing, and is generally used in the publishing and graphic design and arts industries where users require proofing capabilities and greater control over the colour management process.

RIP solutions

Previously, some Epson printers have had optional Postscript functionality available with the Epson Stylus RIP Pro, e.g. Stylus Photo 2100, R2400.

For some Epson laser printers, a PostScript Printer Description (PPD) file is available from the Drivers & Software section for your product.

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