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I want to share my printer in Mac OS X. Is this supported by Epson?


  • Printer sharing in Mac OS X (all versions)
  • You cannot add the Epson printer driver in Print & Fax.
  • You receive a "Communication Error" message.
  • You cannot open the Epson Printer Utility.
  • Print Settings/Printer Settings is not available or is crossed-out.
  • Print options, such as paper type and quality, are limited.


By connecting a printer with no network capability to a computer via a cable connection (e.g. USB or FireWire) you can enable sharing and make the printer accessible to other network or workgroup computers. This article sets out our recommendations for sharing printers in Mac OS X, however Epson does not support this function as it is a feature of Macintosh operating systems.

Sharing printers between different Mac OS X systems can work, however some versions of Mac OS X use different Epson drivers and this can mean that the printer driver cannot be shared. For example, some Epson printers may be supported by an Epson inbox driver on one system but use a different driver on another version of OS X.

Apple recommend using the same printer driver version on the computer sharing the printer and the computer printing to the shared printer, to avoid an Apple-recognised issue whereby an application you attempt to print from quits unexpectedly (or "crashes"). If you are using Mac OS X 10.4.x and another system running 10.5.x then the driver available on the Epson website for Mac OS X - Intel will be a Universal Binary driver and should work on both systems.

Please note that printer sharing is not supported in Mac OS X version 10.1.

How do I set the printer driver to share in Mac OS X?

In order to share a printer in Mac OS X, you must install the printer driver on the Mac that the printer is connected to. To set up your printer on a Mac OS X network, use the Printer Sharing setting that is a standard feature of Mac OS X 10.3 or later. You must turn on printer sharing in the Sharing section of System Preferences. Click on the Services tab and click into the box beside Printer sharing. For some versions of Mac OS X, click the Sharing tab and tick the box beside Printer Sharing.

Once you have installed the printer driver on the Mac that the printer is connected to and added it to the printer list, set the printer to share in Print Center or Print & Fax. For detailed and system specific advice, see your Macintosh documentation for details.

  • When your printer is shared on a Mac OS X network, the EPSON Printer Utility3 icon does not appear in the Print window.

  • Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6: When your printer is shared on a Mac OS X network, the Low Ink Reminder screen does not appear. Ink level monitoring may not be available.

What if I want to share my printer with a Windows-based computer?

Epson does not support cross-platform printer sharing e.g. Mac to Windows/Windows to Mac. In earlier versions of OS X, cross-platform printer sharing could be achieved by using third party software such as DAVE, MacLAN, and SAMBA. Mac OS X 10.3.x and higher has Windows Printing built-in. Epson does not support this as these sharing methods do not use an Epson driver, but instead sharing is configured using third party Gutenprint drivers. To use this feature of your Macintosh operating system, you must turn it on and configure it. For troubleshooting or more information on using this feature, see your Macintosh documentation or the Apple support website for details.

Where can I find more information on printer sharing?

More information is available via the Apple Support website for OS X. Specific Apple support articles with information or help with recognised issues with Mac OS X include:


Clicking on any of the above links will take you away from the EPSON website to a third party website, the content of which is not controlled by EPSON. These links are provided only as a convenience to users.

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