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Defining the future in laser projection technology

No.1 Epson World Leader in Projectors 3LCD True Colours

Our most technologically advanced projectors combine 3LCD with a dual laser light source and feature a wide colour gamut and an ultra-high contrast ratio to produce brilliant, true-to-life colour and incredibly deep blacks.

The combination of high brightness, high resolution and high contrast delivers powerful, vivid images that can cut through high levels of ambient light, even in the largest of spaces. The use of laser phosphor technology adds an unparalleled level of reliability, while dramatically reducing overall running costs. Our commitment to product quality, technology, relationships, service and support is the reason we have been market leader for projectors for over 14 years1.

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Projectors for Large Venues

Projectors for Large Venues

Create stunning visuals at any venue on a very big scale with a groundbreaking combination of outstanding brightness, sharp images, extreme reliability and flexible presenting options. Epson's large venue laser projectors are highly durable and robust, yet surprisingly compact and lightweight.

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Meeting Solutions

Meeting Solutions

Promote a forward-thinking and productive workplace with this professional laser display solution that cuts the hassle and costs of maintenance. This is all while delivering impactful and collaborative meetings quickly on its large scalable 100-inch laser display designed to promote greater knowledge sharing and enhanced communication.

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Interactive Education

Interactive Education

Teach without disruption and ensure your students can read everything on the screen with this interactive ultra-short-throw laser display solution, delivering collaborative lessons on a large scalable display to promote greater sharing and participation in the classroom.

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Signage Projectors

Signage Projectors

Bring a shop, gallery, museum, office or classroom to life with an easy-to-install and hassle-free ultra-short-throw laser projector. The EB-700U is a cost-effective alternative to a flatscreen with the potential to show much larger images. It can project a large image from a very short distance, making it ideal for tight spaces such as shop windows and corridors.

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Projection without limits

Our newly developed inorganic phosphor wheel has superior light and heat-resistance and delivers excellent reliability. This works perfectly with our inorganic LCD panels to produce bright, vibrant images for extremely long periods. In fact, you can rely on a light source that is maintenance free for 20,000 hours2.

Cooling system

A combined liquid and air cooling system is more than efficient enough for the demands of a 25,000lm 3LCD projector.

LCD panels

A newly-developed 1.43 inch inorganic panel boosts light resistance and guarantees an even longer life.

Laser bank

High-powered laser diodes make it possible to achieve outstanding brightness up to 25,000lm.

Phosphor wheel

The inorganic phosphor wheel, which changes blue laser light into yellow light, has been designed to be durable enough to withstand the high output of a laser light source for long periods of use.

Outstanding reliability

Say hello to sophisticated, big-screen installation projectors you can truly count on. Installation and setup is straightforward, while a laser life of up to 56,000 hours and a filter maintenance cycle of up to 30,000 hours keep maintenance to a minimum.

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Discover how you can project on any surface with Epson's large venue projectors.


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Upgrade your viewing habits with laser technology! Epson’s new laser technology not only changes the way you watch your favourite movies, the advanced 4K laser projection improves your whole visual experience.

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1 Survey conducted by Futuresource Consulting Limited for the period from 2001 to 2015.

2 Approximate time until brightness decreases 50% from first usage. Measured by acceleration test assuming use of 0.04 - 0.20 mg/m3 of particulate matter. Time varies depending on usage conditions and environments.