Speed and precision

  • Compact, precise SCARA robot Designed for pinpoint accuracy in very small workspaces
  • Maximum work envelope Offers equivalent workspace use to larger robot arms
  • Short cycle times Cycle times can be as low as 0.28 seconds, even during extended use
  • Fully integrated Complete Epson solution including robot, controller and software
  • Versatile and flexible The ideal solution, whether new or retrofitted, for many applications


Work area flexibility

The advanced design of the GX8 Series offers a substantial work envelope while maintaining very compact dimensions. These robots are the right choice for use in confined spaces and despite their small size they can handle a huge variety of tasks at speed, that would normally require a larger robot.

Compact precise performance

SCARA GX8 Series robots offer an outstanding range of motion, compact design and small footprint. Cycle times can be as low as 0.28 seconds and a unique high-rigidity arm design means very low residual vibration, with smooth start and stop motion, even at high speeds.

Outstanding versatility

The ideal solution for applications in which high speed perfromance with maximum precision is required, such as the production of mechanical and electrical parts, pick-and-place applications, equipping with small parts, dosing and feeding.



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