We’re committed to practising a safe, legal and sustainable business, and importantly, that extends to our suppliers based around the world.

Through our actions, we hope to contribute to building a happy, healthy and diverse society that our customers, employees and investors can feel proud being a part of.

Supply chain

We use fair standards and appropriate procedures for selecting suppliers. To ensure this is consistent, employees and suppliers must adhere to our basic procurement policy.

The supplier must complete and meet the requirements of an assessment that addresses environmental concerns, labour practices, human rights questions, fair business practices, and more. This is conducted before any business commences with a new supplier.


At Epson we know how important it is for our employees to enjoy their working lives and so we ensure that working for us is both fulfilling and rewarding.

We believe that the foundations of a thriving company are built on a content, diverse, safe and well equipped workforce. As such, we promote diversity and health and safety in the workplace, in addition to proactively supporting our employees and channel partners with training.

Social responsibility

All around the world, Epson and its employees engage in positive activities to bring about positive change within the community.

Epson UK: helping young people achieve their dreams

To help prepare students for the job market, Epson employees in the UK conducted mock interviews with students from Longdean School in Hemel Hempstead, England. Each student had to submit a CV, a mock application and an action plan ahead of their interviews. Epson employees gave feedback and wrote evaluation reports to help them improve their skills.

Epson Germany: UNICEF uses Epson technology to print “Photo of the Year”

UNICEF Germany used Epson technologies to print more than 1,500 high-quality photos for the UNICEF 2017 “Photo of the Year” award. Epson printed and donated the pictures for both the jury and the exhibition. The images captured the living conditions of children across the world, with some depicting their plight and desperation and others highlighting their happiness and dreams.

Epson Ibérica: community service for children in need

The entire staff at Epson Ibérica (Epson’s Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon offices) took a day out of normal work to renovate the Llar Les Vinyes Educational Action Residential Centre in Cerdanyola del Vallès, which serves as a community centre for children in the area. Epson employees painted the walls, repaired the landscape, and donated and installed Epson printers and projectors throughout the building to support the centre.

Epson France: promoting employees with disabilities

Epson France has partnered with the “Association des Paralysés de France” (APF), which is an organisation that promotes the employment of people with disabilities. APF has sent workers with disabilities to Epson every year since 2006 so that they can gain valuable job experience; four of them have been recruited by Epson as full time employees.

Epson Italy: planting trees to restore and protect biodiversity

Epson Italy partnered with ReteClima and the Parco Nord Milano on a tree planting expedition. 220 employees took a day out of work to plant 350 new plants and trees across the park.

Epson Germany: helping children understand the importance of recycling

Since 2008, Epson Germany has partnered with Deutsche Umwelt-Aktion, that provides environmental education for primary and secondary school children in Meerbusch. In February 2017, Epson and Deutsche Umwelt-Aktion gave a class on the concept of “something new from something old,” showing the children how to dissolve old newspapers and recycle them into cards for their friends.

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