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How do I check the firmware version on my WorkForce Pro printer?


  • Checking firmware version
  • WorkForce Pro:
    • WP-4015DN, WP-4025DW, WP-4095DN, WF-5110DW, WF-5190DW, WF-6090DW, WF-8010DW, WF-8090DW, WF-R5190DTW
    • WP-M4015DN, WP-M4525DNF, WP-M4095DN, WP-M4595DNF, WF-M5190DW, WF-M5690DWF
    • WP-4515DN, WP-4525DNF, WP-4535DWF, WP-4545DTWF, WP-4595DNF, WF-4630DWF, WF-4640DTWF, WF-5620DWF, WF-5690DWF, WF-6590DWF, WF-8510DWF, WF-8590DWF, WF-R5690DTWF, WF-R8590DTWF


There are three methods that can be used to check the firmware version of your printer.

Method 1

Print a status sheet
  1. If your printer has an LCD screen:

    • On the printer's control panel, press the Setup button.
    • Scroll through the menu and select Print Status Sheet.
    • Press OK and press the Start button.
  2. If your printer doesn't have an LCD screen:
    • Press the Status Sheet button.
  3. A status sheet will be printed; the firmware version is displayed on this sheet.

Method 2

EpsonNet Config

This method can be used if you have one or more of the above listed printers connected to your network.

  1. Open EpsonNet Config.


    If you don't have EpsonNet Config installed, this can be downloaded from the Epson Support website or installed from your product's driver CD.

  2. Double-click on your printer name.

  3. Open Network Interface/Information/Basic and click on Software Information.

  4. Your printer's firmware version is displayed in this screen.

Method 3


If your printer is connected via ethernet or Wi-Fi you can use the IP address of the printer to obtain information and change settings for the printer

  1. Open a web browser (For example: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Safari)

  2. Type in the IP address of your printer into the address bar

  3. Select Printer Status and the firmware version will be displayed as in the example below.

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