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LabelWorks series - Frequently Asked Questions


  • LabelWorks LW-300, LW-400, LW-900P


  1. What technology does the LabelWorks series use?

    LabelWorks uses thermal transfer printing technology, which delivers sharp printed characters. Epson labels are created from a high quality, durable tape material based on PET (Polyethylene terephthalate), with an ink ribbon that has been refined by Epson’s extensive label printing experience.

    The tape cartridge design and mechanical structure enables hassle-free tape installation and replacement. A robust cartridge enclosure and feed roller design protect the tape and ribbon material inside.

  2. Why are LabelWorks products not qualified by ENERGY STAR?

    As the LW-300 and LW-400 are standalone products (not connected to a PC), therefore they are not encompassed by the ENERGY STAR standard. As the LW-900P is intended to be used with a PC or Mac, we intend to re-evaluate our position; as most other Epson products are ENERGY STAR-qualified, we want to make sure as many of our products offer its benefits to our customers as possible.

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