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The printer software screens are too small for the large font and certain content is cut off. Why is this?


  • Microsoft Windows
  • Printer driver settings window (Properties, Printing Preferences, Status Monitor)
  • Large font size, corrupt font file
  • Window content cut off/cropped/clipped/missing


If you are experiencing a problem where content is cut off and the font is large and out of proportion in the printer software screens, such as Printing Preferences, this can be caused by a corrupt font on your computer. The default font used in Epson printer drivers is 'MS Sans Serif', size: 8. This font is assigned in every dialog box within our printer driver.


We suggest replacing the corrupt font with the font file that can be found here. Alternatively, you can download 'sserife.fon' from the Internet.

To replace the existing font file follow the steps below:

  1. Choose to either save or open the file. Once downloaded, open or locate the UK file. The file is in a zipped format, you will need to open it and then unzip/extract the files.

    Notes Icon Note:

    If Windows does not open the file, you may need to use a third party program such as WinRAR or WinZip.

  2. Once the sserife.fon file has been unzipped/extracted right click on the file and click on Copy, go to Start > Control Panel > Fonts, then right click on the background of the Fonts folder and click on Paste and replace the existing font file.

  3. Once complete, reopen the printer driver to check that this has corrected the font display issue. The content should now be in proportion with the printer software dialog box, as in the example below.

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