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AcuLaser C3900 Series: How to replace the photoconductor unit


  • Replacing the photoconductor (PCU) unit
  • AcuLaser C3900N and all variants


Item Part no. Lifetime
Y (Yellow) C13S051201 30,000 pages*
M (Magenta) C13S051202
C (Cyan) C13S051203
K (Black) C13S051204

*According to ISO/IEC 19798 yield test report measurements.


We recommend using genuine Epson consumables. Using non-genuine consumable products may affect the operation of your printer. Epson are not liable for any damages or problems arising from the use of consumable products not manufactured or approved by Epson.


Do not touch the OPC drum surface. This could lower image quality.

If "P/U LOW on the "SYS DEFAULT MENU/ENABLE WARNING" menu is set to ON, the message "P/U LOW X" (where 'X' represents the colour of the toner) appears when a photoconductor unit becomes near empty.

Follow the steps below to replace the photoconductor unit.


You are advised to replace the indicated photoconductor unit when the message "P/U LIFE X" appears.

  1. Check the message window to see which colour photoconductor unit needs replacing.

  2. Open the printer's front cover.


    • The replacement procedure for the photoconductor unit is the same for all colours (yellow: Y, magenta: M, cyan: C, and black: K).
    • The following instructions show the procedure to replace the toner cartridge (K).

  3. Pull the front lever of the colour toner cartridge indicated to the left.

  4. Pull down the handle on the toner cartridge until it is in the unlock position, and moves out slightly towards you.

  5. Remove the toner cartridge. Grab the handle of the toner cartridge to be replaced, and then pull out the cartridge.


    Do not tilt removed toner cartridge, otherwise toner may spill.

  6. Pull up the waste toner bottle to unlock it.

  7. Grab the left and right handles of the waste toner bottle, and then slowly pull out the bottle.


    Do not tilt removed waste toner box, otherwise waste toner may spill.

  8. While pressing down the area marked 'Push' on the photoconductor unit that you intend to replace, slide the unit completely out of the printer.

    The following instructions show the procedure to replace the photoconductor unit (Black).


    • Dispose of the used photoconductor unit according to your local regulations.
    • Do not burn the photoconductor unit.

  9. Check the colour of the new photoconductor unit to be installed.


    In order to prevent toner from spilling, leave the photoconductor unit in the bag until step 7 is being performed.

  10. Remove the photoconductor unit from the bag.

  11. Hold the photoconductor unit with both hands, and then shake it twice as shown in the illustration.


    Do not grab the bottom of the bag; otherwise, the photoconductor unit may be damaged, resulting in decreased print quality.

  12. Remove the protective cover from the photoconductor unit. Remove all packing tape from the photoconductor unit.

  13. Remove the paper from the photoconductor unit. Remove the protective cover from the photoconductor unit.

  14. Make sure that the photoconductor unit is the same colour as the printer compartment, and then insert the photoconductor unit into the printer so it locks.

  15. Press in on the waste toner bottle until it locks into place.

  16. Make sure that the toner cartridge is the same colour as the printer compartment, and then insert the toner cartridge into the printer. Make sure that you fully insert the toner cartridge.

  17. Pull the lever to the right to lock it in place.


    • The front lever should be securely returned to its original position; otherwise, the front cover of the printer cannot be closed.
    • If it is difficult to operate the lever, push it in.

  18. Close the front cover.


    When closing the front cover, press the area of the cover with small projections.

  19. Observe any on-screen instructions. The printer is ready to use once the printer has calibrated following the photoconductor unit replacement.


    The printer must complete a calibration cycle after a photoconductor unit has been replaced. If you open the top or front covers before the calibration is complete, the calibration stops.

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