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How do I replace the toner cartridges for the AcuLaser C1100?


  • How to replace an empty toner cartridge.
  • AcuLaser C1100 and all variants.


This article explains how to change an empty toner cartridge on an AcuLaser C1100.

Lifetime Part No. Pictures
High capacity Toner cartridge (Yellow)** S050187
Standard capacity Toner cartridge (Yellow)* S050191
High capacity Toner cartridge (Magenta)** S050188 Toner cartridge (Magenta)</
Standard capacity Toner cartridge (Magenta)* S050192
High capacity Toner cartridge (Cyan)** S050189 Toner cartridge (Cyan)
Standard capacity Toner cartridge (Cyan)* S050193
High capacity Toner cartridge (Black)** S050190 Toner cartridge (Black)
*Standard capacity = up to 1500 pages / **High capacity = up to 4000 pages

  1. Before starting, please note the handling precautions below.

      Caution Icon Caution:

      • Handle cartridges with care. Toner is free to spill out of a toner cartridge when it is in the locked position.

      • Be aware that during removal or cleaning, toner powder could get onto your hands, clothing or work surfaces.

      • Prepare a clean, level work surface before starting, and put down paper if required.

      • You may need a soft, dry, lint-free cloth with which to clean the cartridges.

      • Do not touch the toner. Keep the toner away from your eyes. If toner gets on your skin or clothes, wash it off with soap and water immediately.

      • If toner is spilled, use a broom and dustpan or a damp cloth with soap and water to clean it up. Because the fine particles can cause a fire or explosion if they come into contact with a spark, do not use a vacuum cleaner.

      Caution Icon Caution:

      We recommend using genuine Epson toner cartridges. Using non-genuine consumable products may affect the operation of your printer. Epson are not liable for any damages or problems arising from the use of consumable products not manufactured or approved by Epson.

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  2. Replacing a toner cartridge that has reached the end of its service life.

      When a toner cartridge reaches the end of its service life, the printer stops printing and displays the following message on the LCD panel, and (where appropriate) in the window of EPSON Status Monitor.

      LCD Panel Message Description
      Replace Toner uuuu* The toner cartridge for the indicated colour is empty.
      *The letters C, M, Y, or K appear in this position, indicating the colour of the cartridge to be replaced.

      Notes Icon Note:

      If an error message appears saying "uuuu Toner Low" then see Replacing a toner cartridge before the end of its life for further assistance.

      If the "Replace Toner uuuu" message is displayed, follow the procedure below to change the toner cartridge:

      1. Power the printer on.

        Toner replacement message

      2. Check the colour of the toner cartridge to be replaced in the LCD panel, and then open Cover A.

        Open Cover A

      3. Push up the right lever to unlock the toner cartridge.

        Push up the right lever to unlock the toner

      4. Remove the toner cartridge from the printer.

        Remove the toner cartridge

      5. Take the new toner cartridge out of its packaging and gently shake it as shown below.

        Gently shake the toner cartridge

      6. Hold the tag and gently pull the toner seal upward and remove it.

        Pull off and remove the toner seal

      7. Insert the cartridge all the way until it stops securely with the arrow mark on the top of the toner cartridge facing toward Cover A.

        Insert the toner cartridge

        Notes Icon Note:

        Hold the cartridge in the middle as shown in the picture. Push it gently all the way through the rails. Make sure both sides of the cartridge are inserted at the same time. Keep some pressure in the middle of cartridge until you hear a 'click'.

      8. Push down on the right lever to lock the toner cartridge.

        Lock the right lever

      9. Close Cover A.

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  3. Replacing a toner cartridge before the end of its service life.

      When one or more toner cartridge are starting to run out, the printer LCD panel displays the message "xxxx Toner Low".

      In place of 'xxxx' the printer displays one or more letters denoting a toner cartridge: K for Black, C for Cyan, M for Magenta and Y for Yellow.

      • A low toner cartridge is not yet empty, so you do not have to replace it.

      • Only empty cartridges are automatically brought to the front of the printer. Otherwise, the cyan toner cartridge is at the front by default.

      If you want to replace a low cartridge, see article How to change toner cartridges before they have run out for instructions.


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