The village of Bošáca chooses Workforce Pro RIPS

Workforce Pro RIPS saves time and money

The village of Bošáca chooses Workforce Pro RIPS

The mayor of Bošáca, Slovakia, wanted to find a new printer for the mayoral office. The WorkForce Pro WF-R8590DTWF best met their expectations, as it combines a revolutionary replaceable ink pack system (RIPS) with extremely efficient printing.

The mayor's office of the village of Bošáca had long used a multifunction printer, which eventually outlived its usefulness. The mayor decided that the new printer should be a long-term investment, and started looking for a printing solution to meet all the municipal authority's requirements.

"We were looking for a printer that would handle day-to-day printing and scanning of documents up to A3 size that would be easy to operate as well. Running costs were equally important to us in our search," says Daniel Juráček, mayor of Bošáca.

"We watched a presentation in which we were introduced to Epson printers and their capabilities, and saw a particular model equipped with RIPS technology. It soon became clear that the WorkForce Pro WF-R8590DTWF, best met our needs, as it delivers double-sided scanning up to A3 size, is easy to operate with low print costs, and communicates with all the PCs at the office," Juráček adds.  

WorkForce Pro RIPS proves popular with employees

The printer's simple user interface and problem-free connectivity saves the municipal authority's employees precious time, which they can devote to their jobs instead of struggling with printer functions or frequent ink replacement. The WorkForce WF-R8590DTWF printer with its replaceable ink pack system (RIPS) breezes through the day-to-day printing from all the office's networked computers, as well as document scanning in A3 and other formats.

"The printing costs deserve a separate mention. We have been printing with this machine for one whole year, and so far we haven't needed to replace the ink. Based on our usage, it looks as if the ink pack still has two more years to go. The printer is easy to use and saves us time, but most of all, we now have what we needed – a truly multifunctional machine which we're completely satisfied with," Juráček says. Other employees are similarly impressed with the efficiency and print quality the new machine has brought to the office.