SureColor SC-F2000 printer offers reliable support for fashion brand

Zivara uses Epson printer to create colourful custom t-shirts

SureColor SC-F2000 printer offers reliable support for fashion brand

Loredana Pîrvu is a young entrepreneur who chose to combine her two passions, digital art and fashion, to create unique items of clothing. She launched the personalised t-shirt brand Zivara, to allow her trendy customer base to create customised t-shirts featuring funny slogans, or their favourite musicians, film stars or comic characters

"My source of inspiration is beauty and I look for it in every creature, every person, and in things, in life situations and in good and bad feelings. All of these things have something beautiful about them which can be reproduced through graphics, and we can tell a beautiful story by bringing them together. We can give them life through expressive graphics and in this way we can transform even boring items of clothing into something eloquent," says Loredana.

Loredana put her ideas into practice using digital direct-to-garment (DTG) printing provided by Epson because she wanted to create high-quality custom t-shirts.

The SureColor SC-F2000 printer prints directly onto the t-shirt itself. From a practical perspective, the ink penetrates the fabric without there being a noticeable difference between the t-shirt and the design printed on it.

"I chose an Epson printer because of the quality of the images it prints. While the other printers I saw satisfied my needs, Epson definitely impressed me more. It was above my expectations, so I said a resounding yes. My graphic creations appear on the clothes precisely as I imagine them, right down to the smallest of details, in particular the colours," Loredana explains.

Loredana uses her Epson printer many times a day, to offer customers around 150 different types of t-shirt.

About the SureColor SC-F2000

The SC-F2000 is the ideal choice for a busy t-shirt printing company because it can print a t-shirt in 27 seconds. The printer also offers reduced ink consumption levels, resulting in a high return on investment (ROI), making it great from a financial as well as efficiency standpoint.