Print studio chooses the SC-S60610 large format printer

Ease of use and affordability appealed to Croatian company

Epilog studio decided to buy Epson large format printers for producing a variety of items including PVC stickers, banners, paper, back-lit and roll-up films

Epilog studio in Croatia specialises in large format printing, and gets great results with SureColor printers. Clients who use Epilog's services include successful companies in the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals sectors.

Before buying a printer, the director of Epilog studio, Vladimir Lihtar, thoroughly researches what's on the market, checking prices, print speeds and print quality, which is the most important aspect. The company started off using the SureColor SC-S50610. However, after testing its successor, the SC-S60610, the company was delighted by the improvements introduced by Epson.

"When we tested the SC-S60610 model, we were thrilled," say Lihtar. "After analysing other options, we concluded that this printer significantly outclassed its competition. Epson has listened to feedback on earlier models and has developed a premium product. The new GS3 colours are of exceptional gamut and against the competition, colour ink usage is lower by up to 50 percent. Plus the printer is extremely fast."

High quality printing to tight deadlines

Production of printed lampshades was the first digital printing job Epilog studio undertook. Today, Epilog studio is a high-end digital printing business, focussing on small and large format printing.

"In 2013, we started producing promotional materials for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries," says Lihtar. "They have the highest demand for printed materials. Today, we work for several large clients who have recognised us as a reliable partner for meeting deadlines and for production quality. Initially, we only used the SC-S50610 model, but very soon we needed to expand production capacity."

"Creating a profile for the material that we print on only takes us ten minutes, so for every material, we create a profile. That way we can create a perfect print on any type of material and we can save a lot of money, as there's no unnecessary colour application, which often occurs when using profiles that are not suited to the material. The amount of colour is adjusted for the type of material, and the substrates dry quickly after printing. Currently, we have about 80 profiles. We use this printer for printing PVC labels, canvas banners, paper, back-lit film, roll-up film and recently, more and more textiles."