Napp works smarter with WorkForce Pro

If your business is intelligent, your printer should be too

Five years ago, they were building websites for businesses in northern Jutland – today they develop intelligent apps for businesses all over the world. Nothing has been left to chance, and neither is it any coincidence that Napp uses Epson's WorkForce Pro printer system. It's simply intelligent.

A lot has happened since Napp was founded five years ago in a small attic. Niklas Laugesen can now welcome clients to an elegant building in Copenhagen's embassy district. Inside is a team of developers and programmers working on an advanced PDF reader, currently high in demand with businesses all over the world.

"It's all happened very quickly, and we've had to move three times within five years to keep pace with expansion. Right now we are looking to recruit six new employees, and we have 15 freelance developers working for us all over the world. We attended a trade fair in Barcelona back in February, during which we held 39 meetings in just 2½ days – demand and interest were simply enormous,” says Niklas Laugesen, Managing Partner and the man who founded Napp in 2011.

Napp stands for 'Nordic app’ – because the creative and innovative Nordic approach combined with high quality play a major role in the development of products. Clients include some of Denmark's biggest companies and a number of major international brands.

If you are a Co-Op member and read their 'Samvirke’ magazine on your iPad, mobile or computer, you are using Napp’s PDF reader. The app enriches the printed version of the magazine with such features as explanatory videos on articles, active links in adverts and the option of searching for the exact recipe you want to use from the magazine. The options are vast, and Danske Bank, ABB and the Nordic Council of Ministers use the same system in other ways.

The choice of WorkForce Pro is clear

"The most important thing here is that the system is intelligent. The app makes it easy for consumers to find what they need, easy for our clients to make their information digital and for advertising and marketing specialists to move content over to an active, digital platform. Our clients can also see which readers are reading which pages, and gain full insight into customer behaviour. They find that the system is intelligent and innovative – and that's the way we intend to keep it,” says Laugesen.

To manage a business that is growing fast in every way, you cannot leave anything to chance. That's a philosophy that Napp stands by, and it is no coincidence that Napp replaced its old laser printer with Epson's WorkForce Pro WF-5620DWF inkjet printer.

"We faced the classic choice: continue spending lots of money on a product that was initially expensive, or find a way to optimise. We performed a market survey, checked what was available, looked at prices and options, and concluded that going for a WorkForce Pro printer was a no-brainer," states Laugesen.

"Even though Napp is a business that survives from digital publishing, we still need a printer. But the printer we chose had to fit the needs of the business, not the other way around."

Goodbye to wasted time and expensive print

"Classic laser printers were stupid – you connected them to a serial port and they printed when you pressed print. WorkForce Pro means I can print in Denmark whenever I need to. For example, I can be on our stand at the trade fair in Barcelona and print receipts and invoices for our bookkeeper back in Denmark using remote print. That's smart and efficient. And compared with laser print, the price per print is significantly lower whilst quality is the same," adds Laugesen.

The WorkForce Pro printer is of course also an intelligent scanner. Instead of having to scan a document and send it to an email address or a given computer, WorkForce Pro can scan the document directly. For example, a document can be scanned and sent directly into the right Dropbox folder. That saves time on conversion and sharing.  

 "It's a detail, but still... When you buy this printer, there is ink in it from the start. Not just a little sample with enough ink for an hour – but enough for an extended period. For me, that means trust and respect for Epson and the WorkForce system. Everything about the WorkForce Pro printer is simple. It's simple to set up, use and helps our business to cut wasted time, because it's intelligent. It's been running here for two months and is a pleasure to use," says Laugesen.

WorkForce – made for business

The multifunction Epson WorkForce Pro WF-5620DWF printer is up to 50% cheaper per page and uses up to 80% less power than comparable colour laser printers. It is also faster than a laser printer on typical printing jobs. PrecisionCore drives the industry-leading output quality and sustainability at the high speeds necessary for office, commercial and industrial printing. Output is dry, thanks to the DURABrite Ultra ink. Scan-to-functions and LDAP support help make it easy to integrate into the business environment. Its intuitive colour touch screen makes functions immediately accessible, and the rearmost manual paper tray makes it possible to print on a range of media.