InterCal chooses Ink Tank System printers

InterCal chooses Epson printers for its high print quality

InterCal chooses Ink Tank System printers

InterCal is a privately owned, independent South African company that calibrates measuring equipment for professional services companies across a wide range of sectors.

The company employs nearly 30 people, who calibrate and test a vast array of measuring equipment. The results of each calibration exercise are captured and printed on a certificate for the client, with each certificate including up to ten pages of information.

InterCal was using three laser printers to produce these certificates, but was finding the costs of replacing cartridges prohibitive, due to the high volumes being processed. The company sought a more cost effective solution for its printing needs. 

Epson provides the solution

Owner of InterCal, Guy Snelling, heard of the Epson L300 from Discspeed, a local Epson reseller, and was intrigued at the solution it offered.

“I bought one Epson L300 on a trial basis, to see how its ink tank system would perform in our high-volume environment,” he says.

The Epson L300 is a single-function printer with an ink tank system that is fully integrated into the device, so that users can enjoy reliable colour printing without the mess or hassle often associated with non-genuine refills and third-party ink tank systems.

Not only are the ink tanks – one for each colour – easy to fill, the ink costs much less than any other printing solution, at an RRP of ZAR150 for a 70ml bottle.

Each set of high volume ink bottles can print up to 4,000 pages in black or 6,500 pages in colour, delivering an ultra-low cost per page for both black and colour printing. 

The test case worked…

“I was so impressed with the performance of that first Epson L300 printer that I bought seven more of the same models for our offices around the country,” Snelling says. “Each printer cost the same as one laser printer toner cartridge – and there are four cartridges in each laser printer. The ink is obviously much less expensive than that too. At last count, I had saved ZAR50,000 for my business in just 18 months – a significant amount for a small business like mine.”   

Snelling’s team of calibration technicians appreciates the speed at which the Epson L300 produces calibration certificates, as the high output speed of nine pages per minute in black, or four and a half pages per minute means that they spend less time waiting for printed documents, and more time focusing on their main priority: testing and calibrating measuring equipment.

“As with many small and medium-sized enterprises, floor and desk space at InterCal is at a premium,” says Snelling. “This is why the Epson L300’s small footprint adds to its appeal: it offers high performance without taking up excessive space in the office.” 

Simple to set up, easy to run

The Epson L300 ink tank system printer is easy to use, with just a few simple steps from unboxing to printing. It comes standard with six 70ml bottles of ink; three black, and one each of cyan, yellow and magenta.

Refilling the ink is a simple mess-free process, with any user able to quickly and efficiently top up the ink tanks as necessary.

It accepts a number of paper formats, from between A6 and A4 sheets of paper, to various envelope and compliments-slip sizes.

The Epson L300 is a particularly versatile printer, as it also accepts photo paper, producing high quality prints using Epson’s renowned Micro Piezo print head technology, and genuine Epson ink.

The Epson L300 is supplied with a 12 month or 30,000 page warranty and service support, offering full peace of mind to new owners. The printer is on sale at leading consumer technology retailers across South Africa.

“We love the Epson L300 printers that we’ve installed at all our operations,” says Snelling. “In time, we hope to purchase one for each of our operators.”