illy spills the beans on coffee culture with Moverio

illy adopts Epson's smart glasses for the Milan Expo

illy spills the beans on coffee culture with Moverio

Epson and illy took the perfect combination of technology and tradition to the Coffee Cluster at the Milan Expo. Visitors wearing Moverio smart glasses could experience the journey from bean to cup in a completely new way, and discover the secrets of one of the world's most loved drinks.

illycaffè, synonymous worldwide with quality and a passion for excellence, was founded in Trieste in 1933 by Francesco Illy. The company is today known and loved for the distinctive velvety taste of its coffee, enjoyed by millions of people every day.

illycaffè was an official partner of Milan Expo 2015 and organised the content of the Coffee Cluster project - a high-tech space giving visitors the chance to experience a true digital adventure. "We pulled out all the stops for the digital version of the Coffee Cluster," says Andrea Illy, Chairman and CEO of illycaffè. "We wanted to offer the opportunity to take part in the greatest celebration of coffee in history to as wide an audience as possible."

A digital journey through the history of coffee and its key players

Inside the Cluster, illy presented a path of discovery allowing visitors to uncover the secrets of the popular drink.
Once visitors donned their Moverio glasses, they set out on a journey that took them through four themed stations which illustrated the coffee production chain from bean to cup.

At each station, the guide's audio introduction was followed by a series of films activated via a special mobile app.
The videos were projected by the glasses wherever the visitors looked - on the walls, across objects on display and all over the structure. They told the stories of industry workers, alternating with environmental shots and graphical animations, and guided visitors along an enjoyable and effective visual journey. In addition to watching the videos, visitors could record their tour of the cluster between the themed stations. After leaving the exhibition, they could download the videos they've made via a link emailed to them.

“People find Moverio easy to use," says Silvia Dell’Oglio, one of the guides. "After just a few minutes they figure out how to wear them and are engaged with the videos and with the information they contain. It's fun watching the curiosity of other visitors who see a group of people wearing these glasses, all standing still and looking in the same direction, without understanding what they are actually looking at. Lots of people ask what they are doing and then book a visit."

Wearable technology is the future

Epson's Moverio technology enabled wearers to see films and animations which made the tour more effective, enjoyable and engaging, allowing visitors to experience the pavilion in a whole new way and relive their experience by recording their visit. 

Using Moverio smart glasses, visitors to the Coffee Cluster experienced the coffee story in an immersive way but not invasively, alternating between real experiences and digital information. This made the tour especially effective and allows everybody to actively take part in the experience, conveying much more information than simply browsing an old-fashioned information panel.

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