Chateau Veltrusy raises print quality with Epson WF-5690DWF

Epson printer delivers custom printing and saves money

Chateau Veltrusy raises print quality with Epson WF-5690DWF

Chateau Veltrusy is often described as the pearl of lower Vltava. In addition to regular visitors, the chateau also hosts school parties, from the very young to university students. Thanks to the WF-5690DWF printer, the chateau’s staff now can prepare colour documents to suit their needs without having to worry about printing costs.

As part of its Schola Naturalis programme, Chateau Veltrusy launched a host of educational projects in 2016. The chateau has since become a destination for groups of nursery school children, secondary school pupils and university students. Staff at the education centre tailor the content of each course to suit the needs of each student group.

"We usually coordinate with the teachers so that we can modify the content to match what the children are likely to know and to what it is they are currently studying at school," says Kateřina Vitochová, a teacher at the Schola Naturalis Education Centre. "The Workforce Pro WF-5690DWF colour printer produces high-quality prints to suit our specific needs."

"Before, we were very careful about printing in colour because the printer we used was not the easiest to access as it was in another wing of the chateau, and because printing in colour was expensive. With the new printer, printing costs are lower, so we can provide the students with more eye-catching, attractive materials which are also smudge-resistant," she adds.

WorkForce saves time

The printer at Veltrusy also doubles as a scanner and copy machine. As the staff at the chateau often handle historical documents and materials, the scanning capability of the machine comes in handy.

"We borrowed a photo album containing historical photos from the archive of the chateau’s owners, the Chotek family, and we could easily make high-quality scans that were good enough to display in our exhibitions," says Kateřina Vitochová. "Also, sometimes it’s quicker to duplicate materials by pressing a single button rather than printing them from a computer."