Arredo design studio chooses Epson projectors

EB-520 and EB-570 are ideal presentation and training tools

Arredo design studio chooses Epson projectors

Arredo is a thriving interior design studio in Krakow, one of the Poland's most important cultural and architectural centres.

Focusing on, but not limiting itself to, the interior design of buildings, Arredo's portfolio includes large-scale projects such as hotels, and also providing the finishing touches to small, exclusive studios and flats. Arredo actively trains architects, both in interior design and in the presentation options available for their designs.
Aside from a CAD digital drawing table, presentation, visualisation and image management software are essential tools of Arredo's business.

Aside from a CAD digital drawing table, presentation, visualisation and image management software are essential tools of Arredo's business.

A business challenge – presentation of architectural designs

After completing the design process, the next key step is to present the work, and then the final proposal, in the form of a visualisation, to co-workers, contractors and customers. Doing this by printing or by displaying the work on a monitor is not always sufficient. For the former, there are limitations when preparing significantly large works, and challenges in mounting large images. For the latter, the picture scale distorts the final appearance and limits effective work on the project to two or three people at the same time.

A faithful reproduction of colour is also a very important part of the design's reproduction, and can often result in a presentation showing distorted colours rather than the architect's actual intended tones.

Epson Projectors – bright communication tools

While looking for a solution that would overcome these limitations, Arredo's owner, Yurek Sarna, discovered Epson interactive projectors. Based on outstanding colour accuracy and 3LCD technology, these projectors proved to be a perfect fit for the studio's needs. The firm decided to purchase and install two ultra-short throw projectors at their head office - the EB-570 and EB-520.

More light – a change for the better

An architect's work is not just about converting design concepts into understandable materials and specifications for contractors, but also creating visualisations of the project and the end result, as well as obtaining the client's approval. Colour accuracy, among other things, allows you to convey the precise nuances of the texture of the proposed finishing material and the colour tones of individual interior design elements.

At the design-execution stage, large visualisations combined with the opportunity to make changes directly onto draft designs saves a lot of time working towards the final version.

Arredo, beyond offering basic designs, also organises training sessions for architects where they can learn about working methods as well as possible materials and technologies.

Epson projectors are particularly suited for this as tools for communicating knowledge as well as work shared among participants. Working on a shared image allows you to rapidly apply changes in a clear and understandable way for all participants, eliminating the need to distribute the project electronically and wait for it to be sent back after modifications have been applied.

Epson advantages – colour and longer-life

While looking for the right equipment for Arredo's design office, offers from various manufacturers were considered. In the end, according to Sarna, the decision to choose Epson's products was taken due to bright colour specifications, top colour accuracy and a low total cost of ownership (TCO) due in part to a lamp life of over 10,000 hours.

Further opportunities for cooperation

With an extension to the studio in the pipeline, there are plans to purchase another interactive ultra short throw projector. The studio is also considering using Epson printing solutions, both cost-effective ink tank system (ITS) A3+ printers and large format printers (LFPs).

"Not everyone remembers that the design of a modern workshop doesn't just rely on a powerful computer and the latest CAD packages," says Yurek Sarna. "It is also important to set up a solution for presentations and group work on a completed project and its visualisation. By choosing the EB-570 and EB-520 as Arredo's design equipment in our new location, we were hoping to foster communication with our partners and customers and to move it to another, more intuitive level. That is exactly what happened. The key issue was to preserve colour accuracy, which plays a major role in interior design. After a few months of using Epson, I can say that the manufacturer's statements are not overstated – the EB-570 and EB-520 do an excellent job."