State-of-the-art Blu-ray publishing from Epson

With better-than-industry-standard accuracy, the DiscproducerTM PP-100IIBD is ideal for large-volume Blu-ray/CD/DVD optical media storage

State-of-the-art Blu-ray publishing from Epson

1 December2012 – Building on its proven expertise in disc publishers, Epson announces the PP-100IIBD, its flagship Blu-ray model. This latest addition to the Discproducer series features top-of-the-range, archival-grade Blu-ray disc drives. These drives (Pioneer PR1 series) perform above the industry standard, offering extremely accurate publishing with an exceptionally low error rate.

Along with its cutting-edge disc-drive technology, the PP-100IIBD features a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface enabling it to burn and print at least eight Blu-ray discs in an hour. With capacity to produce up to 100 x 50GB BD-R discs, or more than four terabytes of data, in a single batch, the PP-100IIBD is perfect for organisations digitising and archiving high volumes of data, including government and medical sectors, broadcasters and creative agencies.

Epson is also the only manufacturer with expertise in both robotics and printers. Fully automated, the Epson patented AcuGrip BD robotic arm mechanism ensures only one disc is grabbed at a time – even if discs are stuck together. This allows users to work on other tasks while production runs can be left to complete unattended.

The PP-100IIBDdelivers high-quality precision printing on the disc surface. Epson’s Micro Piezo printhead produces razor-sharp text, even down to very small font sizes. The six-cartridge individual ink system keeps the cost per produced disc low, and the front-facing LED display allows easy monitoring of ink levels for each colour.

The PP-100IIBDcouldn’t be easier to use. The included Total Disc Maker 5.0 software is intuitive and user-friendly. Advanced functions include 'read back' for quick file-searching within a stack of discs and 'merge print' for printing individual content onto each disc during batch production.

Leonard Beckmann, product manager for Epson Europe, says: “Epson has already demonstrated its position as a market leader with the accuracy and reliability of the Discproducer series. This is why over 50 percent of hospitals in Europe that install CD/DVD publishers for archiving patient data are selecting Epson1.”

The Discproducer PP-100IIBDwill be available to purchase from January 2013.


Highly accurate archival-grade Blu-ray drives (Pioneer PR1 series)

USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface

Fast disc publishing – capable of burning at a rate of 8.5 25GB Blu-ray discs/hour

High capacity - publish up to 100 Blu-ray discs, more than 4TB unattended, in one batch

Durability of data – can be stored for more than 50 years making it ideal for affordable long-term archiving

Burn single and double-layer Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs

User-changeable BD drives and maintenance cartridge for long-term / heavy use

Lowest long-term storage cost per gigabyte compared to other data-storage methods

High-quality printing on disc surface and more than 1,000 discs per set of cartridges

Save money with individual ink cartridges – only replace the colour used

Easily monitor levels of each ink colour with unique LED system

Patented AcuGrip BD robotic arm cuts wastage by ensuring discs are handled one by one

Convenient front operation, compact, stackable unit with small footprint

Easy-to-use software and hardware

Total Disc Maker 5.0 application with 'read back' and 'merge print' functions

Rugged design with fully dust-proof body and minimal moving parts

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