Epson helps retailers make eco-efficiency into a money-saving strategy

POS printers reduce energy consumption by up to 85% and paper consumption by up to 30%

February 2012 –According torecent comparative tests, Epson’s latest generation POS printers are able to reduce power consumption by up to 85%* when compared to predecessor and competitive products – reducing costs for retailers and helping to improve green credentia

Based on average usage under test conditions, this figure equates to a considerable decrease in a retailer’s energy costs – a factor that is particularly important considering the continuous increase in the cost of power.

Certified by ENERGY STAR, these receipt printers offer an impressively low standby power consumption of less than one watt. This equates to a significant decrease of energy costs considering that POS printers are on standby for most of the day.

Similarly, new technologies within Epson’s products reduce paper consumption when printing receipts by scaling down receipt length by up to 30%. This is being done without influencing the readability or the paper width. With an average receipt length of 20cm, this saving equates to around 6cm of paper per receipt.This delivers a reduction in paper use and can lead to significant financial savings.

Average reductions equate to an estimated 247 Euros per printer over five years, and over 144kg of saved paper. Translated to a fleet of 1,000 printers, these reductions deliver cost saving of up to 247,000 Euros.**

Laura Buehler, Product Manager Business Systems Epson Europe, said: “With the cost of energy and operational resources continuing to rise, identifying ways in which we can help our customers to save money is becoming increasingly important.  Both energy and paper reductions are tangible solutions that can be delivered through our products and that can equate to significant financial gains for the retailer – not to mention the support both of these factors provide in helping retailers become more eco-conscious.”

* Based on single station and hybrid printers in standby power this value is calculated under Epson’s test conditions. Hybrid printers: TM-H6000IV (up to 85% more efficient vs competitive models), Single station printers: TM-T88V (up to 84% more efficient vs competitive models), TM-T20 (up to 79% more efficient vs competitive models), Power consumption is calculated based on 300 receipts per day (and 30 checks per day for hybrid), with printer power on for 24 hours and in 5 years of use.

** Paper reduction is calculated based on 300 receipts per day with a length of 200mm each, 365 days of operation, 80m x 80mm paper rolls at 0,6  Euro per roll and 55g/m².

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