Explore our products for your living room, home office and around the house - from home cinema projectors, sports projectors and 3D projectors to photo printers or business printers and gaming projectors

How can we help you at home?

From the living room to the office, watching films or sports, playing games or sharing photos is a high-impact experience in high-definition.

  • Your home cinema

    From film buffs to sports fans we have the perfect way for you to enjoy the action - big and bold, in Full HD or 3D.

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  • Your games

    Get inside the action and immerse yourself in the on-screen world with help from the world's number one projector brand1.

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  • Your home office

    Let us make your job easier with our smart and productive technology that saves you time and money.

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  • Your photos

    Recreate your favourite moments in glorious colour and print them out to share with friends and family.

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