UltraChrome DS ink

Create fantastic-looking prints on a range of substrates with outstanding, vivid colours and dense blacks.

Designed to work in harmony

The UltraChrome DS ink range delivers an outstanding, accurate and consistent colour performance on both soft and rigid substrates.

Compatible with the SC-F series of dye-sublimation printers, the inks are part of a complete solution, which includes hardware, printhead, sublimation papers, service and support.


Outstanding colour performance

UltraChrome DS inks are ideal for those users wanting to produce superior-quality output, whichever substrate they are using.

For rigid substrates, the standard black ink produces smooth gradations - perfect for the creation of promotional goods.

Textile printers would benefit more from the HDK Black, which produces deep blacks and dense shadows on soft substrates.

  • Black
  • Cyan
  • Magenta
  • Yellow
  • High Density Black

High Density Key (HDK) Black

Created primarily for the textile market, HDK Black features a superior black density to produce deep, rich blacks and dense shadows.

HDK Black can even help to lower the amount of colour ink needed to achieve the desired results, in fact, the overall ink consumption can be reduced by an average of 10%1.

Photographic-quality prints

Whether creating textiles or producing promotional goods such as mugs, phone and tablet covers, everyone wants the best results with vivid colours that look great.

Thanks to an advanced formulation, UltraChrome DS inks can help ensure the best results time after time on a variety of substrates. Colours will be vivid and sharp, while blacks will be rich and dense.

Smooth colour gradation

Enjoy beautifully blended colours with smooth transitions. UltraChrome DS inks seamlessly and efficiently blend together on the page to create an ultra-smooth gradation for stunning, natural-looking visuals.

Meet the range


Whole printing solution to reliably produce high volumes of superior-quality textiles quickly and consistently

  • High productivity and superior-quality results
  • Low TCO
  • Exceptional service and support


Create low to medium volumes of superior-quality textiles and soft signage

  • Superior-quality results
  • Complete Epson solution
  • Low TCO


Complete high-quality dye sublimation package

  • Superior-quality results on a range of soft and rigid substrates
  • Complete Epson solution
  • Low TCO
  1. Based on internal testing, review and information provided by Seiko EPSON Corporation (“SEC”). Results, which are dependent on the selection of the artwork, indicate that by using an Ultrachrome DS ink-set with HDK Black, 10% less ink was used to achieve the same results on textiles as when using the same ink-set with Normal Black ink.